Friday, May 18, 2012

The Smallville Complete Season Musical Score

The music of the Smallville complete season is all thanks to comper Mark Snow and producer Ken Horton working together to make a masterpiece of an underscore. Mark Snow watches the Smallville Complete Season, and comes up with the music off of the top of his head. He then sends the music for the complete season of Smallville to the producers, and they decide if they like it or if they think there needs to be some adjustments to the score. If they would like something different for the Smallville complete season, Mark Snow goes back and composes something different for them.

Smallville complete season soundtracks also feature songs from musical bands that are current. The people who are in charge of finding these songs are Jennifer Pyken and Madonna Wade Reed, who work for Daisy Music. Their choices also are discussed with the producers, who decide if they like the songs and if they fit well with what they want in the Smallville complete season. The contrast between the modern music and the traditional orchestral sound works very well for the Smallville complete season, which Mark Snow said at first seemed odd to him.

Mark Snow did not write the main theme for the Smallville complete season. Although Mark Snow is used to writing opening themes to the shows, like he did for the X files, the opening title for the Smallville complete season is a song by Remy Zero titled Save Me . Even though Snow did not compose the theme song for the opening credits, he did compose one for the closing credits. The closing credits music is composed based on how it represents the theme of the Smallville complete season. In the first two seasons, the music playing during the closing credits was one of the potential theme songs, before Save Me was selected. The melody was heroic and punchy.

Mark Snow was told during season two that the closing credits needed new music, because the current score no longer represented where the show had evolved to. Snow created a new score, which was toned down. For the Smallville complete season, Snow had also recomposed music from some of the Superman films. John Williams musical score for the opening credits of Superman: The Movie was used in both Smallville season two s Rosetta , as well as various times in the season two finale.

During a breakfast meeting with the music department at Warner Brothers for Smallville complete season 3, the topic of the band R.E.M. came up, and Jennifer Pyken and Madonna Wade Reed immediately saw an opportunity to connect the episode s featured band with the episode s story, which happened to revolve around REM sleep.[17] For season three s Resurrection and Memoria , songs were chosen particularly to provide symbolism for the characters in the scene. In Resurrection , The Rapture s Infatuation was used during a scene involving Lex and Lana.

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